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7 Simple Things to do to Protect the Ocean

by François van den Abeele on Aug 23, 2016

7 Simple Things to do to Protect the Ocean

It’s been said that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the sea. The good news is that we are still on 2016, so we still have just enough time to prevent this terrible omen from coming true. At Sea2See, we have prepared a short list of simple habits that we can all practice daily. Every drop, every grain of sand, absolutely counts. The sum of many small efforts is the factor that can produce real change.

1. Remember that all the paths in the world lead to the ocean. Don’t dump any chemicals or dangerous products down the drain.

2. Plastic bags are very similar to jellyfish and can attract sea turtles and other marine animals, which can end up entangled in them. Another way of protecting the ocean is by replacing plastic bags with reusable tote bags. Not only will this help the environment, it can also save many lives.

3. Don’t litter the beach. This is as simple as cleaning up after yourself: pick up all bags, paper, cigarette butts, bottles. Otherwise, everything will end up in the ocean. Join cleanup efforts at your local beach.

4. Don’t throw anything overboard from a boat. If you plan on going on a cruise, research your options and choose the one that proves to be the most sustainable and respectful of the environment. Everything you throw to the sea can cause harm to the habitat and marine wildlife.

5. Be aware of your purchases. Many brands exploit marine wildlife. Some products harm the coral reefs, so avoid using them. Bet on life and sustainable products.

6. Purchase products that help clean the ocean. For example, our sunglasses are made 100% made from recycled plastic and fishing nets that pollute the sea. You can purchase them here.

7. Reduce CO2 emissions. Avoid using the car when you don’t need it. Try to choose less harmful forms of transportation, such as the bicycle.


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  • Autumn Price
    Sep 16, 2019 at 18:20

    You know what you are right and people don’t care but they want people to help them but you can’t even save the ocean and I saw a woman throw a water bottle in the ocean so i watch and see what she would do guess what she didn’t do nothing just watch it flow on top of the water and I was like is she stupid and then an idea come to me so i did my idea and almost died because i went in the ocean and a big wave come and then i got hit by it but thankful that it had brought me back to see and the water bottle….THAT WAS A MIRACLE!!!!!!!


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