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Our social enterprise consists of providing a new source of income for the fishermen - collectors. The objective is to raise awareness about ocean and coastal contamination, have an environmental impact and reward the collectors financially for their contribution. 1 € is paid for 5kg. collected. The program involves 500 fishermen in 5 regions and aims at collecting 500 Kgs per day.

BRIGHT is leading the UPSEA PROJECT in Ghana. Fishing, which involves 10% of the Ghanaians population has been seriously damaged by the plastic contamination of the fishing waters and coastal areas. We have deployed in 5 main fishing areas involving hundreds of fishing families: Upper Volta - Krachi, Lower Volta - Oti, Eastern Region - Keta Lagoon, Accra Region - Nigo, Central Region - Cape Coast. 

10% of the population depends directly from fishing activities in Ghana. The sector has been seriously damaged plastic contamination. UPSEA PROJECT has a direct positive financial impact on the communities, while cleaning the environment from plastic waste.