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by Ferran Pellicer on Mar 07, 2017


Two weeks ago, on the 22nd to the 24th of February, the fourth meeting of the World Ocean Summit was held in Bali, Indonesia. This is a worldwide summit that lends a critical eye to and puts into perspective the state of our oceans. The objective is to encourage innovative discussions about how we can come up with new and sustainable measures to save the sea. More than 260 world political, industrial, scientific and societal leaders attend this annual meeting.



Organized by the international magazine that focuses on the most important socioeconomic problems, The Economist, the World Ocean Summit wants to find solutions to the problems that are plaguing the health of marine ecosystems. Scientists warn that the health of the ocean is at an unprecedented point and that time is running out to save it, we need to unite to conserve the ocean together now.

The good news is that, as has been shown this past week at the summit, there is no shortage of forward looking businesses, industrial groups, scientists, and politicians who are here to defend our oceans and make a “blue” or sustainable economy a reality. But bringing these emerging blue industries up to scale is an urgent task that requires vision, regulations changes, the cooperation of businesses and of course, large amounts of capital.

The transition from a conventional economy in the ocean to a sustainable one could cause major economic growth and investment, if done correctly. In the middle of this, Sea2See has seen a business and conservation opportunity that allowed them to become one of the newest creations with the most potential, in a national context, to combat the contamination of the ocean.


Thanks to our innovative project of recycling plastic, we have capitalized on different ideas discussed at the World Ocean Summit in our country. Every time more people become conscious about the future, we get closer to finding a solution. We hope that this upcoming year’s Summit has an even higher attendance rate, signaling that we are more united and consciously in favor of our oceans than ever before.

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