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From marine waste to frame of the year

by Jeanette Schmid on Apr 20, 2021

From marine waste to frame of the year

Sea2see’s Positano 02 model was recently named Frame of the Year at the 2020 Optician Awards.

The Optician Awards has been established for over 20 years and is the highlight of the year for optical practices, attracting the UK’s most talented opticians, teams and companies. The "Frame of the Year" category rewards a frame that has the potential to appeal to a wide public through its style, technical excellence and the values it conveys.

By developing the Positano 02 model, the idea was to have something light, thin and sophisticated that played with a combination of natural and modern colours. We wanted to design a frame that would eco-disrupt the industry in an elegant way and stand out for what it represents and for the values it carries.

This award shows us that it was a successful bet. It proves that Sea2see’s designs, made 100% from raw material that we collect and recycle, stand out among many other eyewear brands.

François van den Abeele, Founder of Sea2see: “I was very happy when we won because it started as a crazy idea of mine and people laughed at me. I bet on trying to change things in the optical environment where there’s not much innovation in terms of sustainable materials”.

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