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The Blue Economy and its Benefits for The Planet and Society

by Ferran Pellicer on Jun 22, 2017

The Blue Economy and its Benefits for The Planet and Society

We understand that the blue economy is a driving force of the economy of the oceans because of its large potential for innovation and growth. One of the most interesting aspects about the blue economy is how it tries to take advantage of the waste in the ocean, which it sees as a rich resource.

In this context, there are more and more people with entrepreneurial spirits creating businesses of quality, that also help the environment. In fact, according to CE, this type of economy represents almost 5 and a half million job positions and 500,000 million dollars of gross value is added to the economy every year, and this is a figure that can and should change (we hope!) in the upcoming years to give at least 7 million people work by the year 2020.

Although this type of traditional economy has functioned in the past with businesses related to the ocean (tourism, agriculture), today there are a large amount of businesses from other sectors such as fashion or cosmetics that are using marine resources in their work. The blue economy, by definition, looks for entrepreneurs who promote the best solutions from nature to face current economic and environmental challenges.



Sea2See is an example of an entrepreneurial project that focuses on the environment through its business ideas. We produce our sunglasses with recycled plastic and abandoned fishing nets from the ocean, creating a sustainable product that lets us preserve the ocean and the species within. The objective of this project is to offer consumers the possibility to feel as if they are participating in creating a better future for our planet while also benefiting society as a whole.

Little by little, if we all do our part, we will achieve this collective dream and convert it into a reality that can benefit everyone!

And how will you participate? Become an official distributor of our glasses and earn the glasses you like the most in our extensive catalogue.


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