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by Ferran Pellicer on Apr 25, 2017

Sea2See Ópticas Navarrete

When we created Sea2See, we knew that it was necessary to put in all our efforts to make this project a reality. If we want to have an actual impact on marine ecosystems, we need to expand our berth and try to reach all consumers who are in favor of sustainable fashion.



For this, the success of Sea2See also depends on the interest we can solicit from other businesses and distributors; especially those who can support us with marketing and help expand our reach around the world. Sea2See does not have its own stores yet, so therefore it is an honor to be able to generate collaborations with establishments such as Ópticas Navarrete.

This optical company, located in Ciudad Real, has become interested in our project, creating high quality glasses that help conserve the ocean, and has helped to spread our story to a large number of clients. Many people now protect not only their eyes, but also the ocean thanks to Navarrete Optical.


¡Sea2See con Ópticas Navarrete!

There are two variables when trying to make sustainable fashion a reality: the product itself and the reception it receives from the public. At Sea2See, we continue to recycle fishing nets and generate new models of our glasses in the hopes that one-day we will reach many people. It’s thanks to our collaboration with Navarrete, and hopefully soon with many others that we can continue to increase awareness of our project and the associated issues surrounding ocean contamination.



Already we have more than 80 points of sale in many different countries and we will continue collaborating with new optical companies to spread all over the world. Would you like to be an official distributor or would you like to get to know our project a little bit more? Contact us for whatever you need and share in our story!


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