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by François van den Abeele on Jun 29, 2018


Actor and environmentalist Javier Bardem made a surprise appearance at a Spanish port to meet Sea2see and local fishermen to see how they’re making waves in the global fight against ocean plastic waste.


The Oscar-winning actor and Chivas Regal ambassador jumped on board and headed out to sea with the fishermen and See2see founder, Francois Van den Abeele, to witness first-hand the threat plastic waste has on our oceans.

“I first heard about Sea2see last year at the Chivas Venture Global Final when they represented Spain in the $1m competition – it’s such a simple business model that on average is clearing an incredible one tonne of plastic waste from the ocean every day. So not only are they helping to protect our oceans, but Francois and his team are creating something beautiful out of trash. It’s pretty inspiring.” – Chivas Regal ambassador, Javier Bardem.

“Social and environmental issues often seem too big to tackle, but the Chivas Venture has shown me that through passion and generosity, we can help change the world for the better. Witnessing first-hand the scale of plastic waste in the ocean has made it even more real for me – we’re all so hooked on plastic, but we can all make small changes to our lifestyle that could make a really big difference.” – Chivas Regal ambassador, Javier Bardem. 


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