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Preserving the Ocean from contamination



We found a way to reduce ocean waste and ghost fishing by creating a product with a higher value from discarded fishnets. Together with experts and lab, we are giving plastic trash a new life and turning it into a premium product.
We strongly believe that product design, use, disassembly and reassembly are our duty and one of the greatest challenge of our time; and the foundation of the circular economy. It should be a common 21st century approach thinking about our futures and the one our children will inherit.

1. Fishing communities collaborate and deposit abandoned nets, ropes and plastic in more than 100 containers put in 20 ports of Spain.

2. We are collecting 1 Ton of abandoned nets, ropes and plastic every 3 days.
3. We cut, separate, clean and select plastic waste to be re-used. 4. Extrusion of plastic.
5. The recycled material needs precautions, therefore the R&D department needs to test the material prior to any injection of plastics. 6. 100% recycled, hand made in Italy.