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 By 2050 oceans are expected to contain more plastics than fish (by weight). The main reason why so much plastic ends up in the ocean is that 33 percent of plastic manufactured worldwide is used once, then discarded. On top of it 85 percent of the world's plastic is not recycled.



10% of the total Ocean plastic contamination is caused by Ghost fishing, these fishing nets that are lost, abandoned or dumped by fisherman at sea.

Every year, more than 800.000 tons of abandoned floating nets, equivalent to almost 3 million km2 or a 1/3 of the size of the USA, driven by winds and currents, create islands of waste that entangle and kill hundreds of thousands of sea mammals and fish.

Those nets, made with one of the strongest non bio-degradable synthetic material can rest on the sea bed and get ingested by animals for more than 500 years.