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Sea2see has embarked on a journey to help clean up the trash from the oceans, especially waste left behind by fishermen. This totally new adventure has the objective of transforming ocean plastic into the raw material used in the manufacturing of premium glasses of the highest quality and sustainability.


Next we are going to explain the circular economy of Sea2See; how we convert ocean contamination into sustainable glasses in 6 steps.

1. Education and collaboration: We are working with fisherman in 20 ports of Spain, close to the project, to have them deposit abandoned nets, fishing lines and plastic in more than 100 containers that we have placed in these ports.
2. Collection: Every 3 days we collect one ton of waste and send it to our plant to be processed.
3. Separation and Classification: We cut, clean and select the trash to be re-used and recycled.
4. Washing and Recycling: The plastic waste is classified and prepared in big bags to be sent to Italy.
5. Research and Development: We could not use the recycled material directly, so we had to analyze and test the best way to use the material and test the quality before being passed onto the factory for the manufacturing of the glasses. In this way we can now ensure that they are of the utmost quality.
6. Final Product: These premium glasses are made from 100% recycled ocean plastic and are fabricated in Italy, they are now ready to be sold.
From the ocean to your eyes in 6 simple steps, this is how Sea2See functions and how it contributes to a better future for the oceans and our entire ecosystem.
Would you like to be involved in our project? You can consult glasses models here at

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